Casualty Simulation Kit Casualty Simulation Kit Default Manufacturer A casualty simulation kit containing one compound (open) fracture, complete with reservoir and pump assembled, one bottle coagulant makeup blood, one package blood powder to make 1 gal. simulated blood, 12 assorted lacerations and open fractures, one casualty simulation wax, one package broken Plexiglas® (for simulated glass imbedded wound), four jars of grease paint (one each of white, blue, brown, and red), one adhesive stick, one sprayer, two spatulas, and two wooden tongue depressors. Comes in a 15 in. x 10 in. x 5 in. carrying case. NursingCareMouKit NursingCareMouKit 238.00 Less Stress Instructional Services
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Casualty Simulation Kit

Casualty Simulation Kit
Casualty Simulation Kit
Offers a highly detailed variety of disease, pressure, and surgically induced wounds to assist practitioners in understanding the treatment of their patients by visualizing the problems that arise in caring for wounds. Kit includes a spray container of odors, including sweat and vomit. Moulages: ? Adult stoma (1) ? Ankle edemas (2) ? Bed sore, 4th stage, 70 mm (1) ? Burn, 2nd degree (1) ? Child colostomy (1) ? Diabetic ulcer, 20 mm (1) ? Large road rash (1) ? Skin graft, 6" (1) ? Surgical site infections, 3 levels (3) ? Ulcer, stage 1 (1) Makeup Accessories: ? Adhesive removing wipes (12) ? Coagulant blood (1) ? Spirit gum with applicator (3) ? Sweat spray (1) ? Vomit spray (1)

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